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Agricultural & Biogas

FR PVC polytunnels, fr pvc greenhouse, fr pvc garden centre canopy




M5509 is a popular product for agricultural, industrial and marine applications.  It is standard in 8 colours in 210cm wide, with some colours also available in 320cm wide.  This product is European and is a more regular construction than some of the more economical products.

pvc dipped mesh, pvc agricultural building screen

Biogas containment is a growing sector worldwide and, with our manufacturing partner Sioen, Lows of Dundee can supply PVC for biogas domes in a range of weights & strengths, from Type 1 up to Type 5.  These qualities can be produced in a range of colours and are produced against customer orders of 1,000m minimum.  Additional properties of flame retardancy and anti-static can also be incorporated. The biogas range can be used as both the inner lung and the outer skin in dual skin systems.  Please contact us for more details on the range and also the warranty details.



B7170 520gsm PVC coated polyester with a 40% light transmission.  B7170 is Flame Retardant and primarily used for garden centre canopies and tunnels where a higher light transmission that standard white PVC is beneficial.  It has also been used as a single strip in structure roofs to allow more natural light into the building.

PVC Mesh Agricultural Doors, PVC Mesh Industrial Doors, PVC Marine Mesh

E610* – New for 2020, the E610* product consists of a PVC dipped mesh with a translucent PVC film adhered to the back side making it waterproof.  E610* is flame retardant and is commonly used for agricultural buildings and green houses.  It is available as standard in 250cm wide in Green (E6105), Black (E6106) and White (E6107), with the colour being that of the mesh.

pvc biogas containment
pvc flexitank, pvc potable water pvc, pvc manure tank, pvc liquid fertiliser tank



Flexitank – Lows of Dundee offer a range of products that are used for Flexitanks. PW1100 (B6300) is our most popular non-toxic water tank quality and is available in beige.  Also available for water containment are B6303 in dark grey, and B6306, which incorporates low wick yarns.  B6061 is an agricultural product and can be used in the storage of manure and liquid fertiliser.

Manure - Lows of Dundee also offer a range of products suitable for manure containment.  The range of products are suitable for manure tank liners and roofs.  B9060 & B6060 are 900gsm and 1150gsm and are available in Grey as standard. B6061, which incorporates a low wick yarn, is aslo a standard in grey.

pvc manure tank liner, pvc manure tank roof
pvc machine tool covers, pvc tractor blade covers

B6756 is a 1400g Matt PVC Coated Polyester with Lacquer both sides. A heavy weight PVC produced in Europe and mainly used for machine tool covers where a higher strength cover is required.

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