Marquee & Structure


PE600/FR/L (B7189) – This 600gsm flame retardant PVC is our traditional marquee walling quality .  It is a standard in white in both 250cm and 320cm wide rolls.

PE650/FR/L (B8103) – This is our traditional marquee roofing and walling quality.  It is slightly heavier at 650gsm and also stronger.  B8103 is available as standard in a good colour range in 250cm wide, with white also being stocked as standard in 300cm. B8103 and B7189 can be both produced to your own colour for a production run order of 1,000m

Window PVC – At Lows of Dundee, we carry stock of 3 grades of flexible clear window PVC, 0.25mm, 0.5mm and 0.75mm.  All are stocked on 137cm wide rolls as standard.  Clear PVC is used in many applicaitons including marquee and tent window, marine cover windows, industrial screening and covers.

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PE680/FR/L Silver/Black – This quality is widely used for event stages.  680gsm and duo colour, the matt black PVC as the back drop for the performer, this quality has been seen all over the world.  We can also supply keder for your stage structure in black or silver to blend in with the PVC

B7170 – This is a specialist flame retardant quality.  It is especially produced to have a 40% light transmission, making it ideal for garden centre and nursery tunnels and canopies.  It has also been used as a panel in the roof of temporary structures to allow more natural light to enter.


B6134 – This “Type 2” style 900gsm PVC is flame retardant for structures.  It is available as standard in a range of colours and is used for temporary industrial buildings as well as structures where there are tighter budget constraints.  If FR is not required, we also have our PW900 (B6000) range with a greater choice of standard colours.

B6353 Foam is a T2 style PES base cloth, coated with PVC one side and PVC foam on the other.  It is used for structures and screens where an element of acoustic and/or thermal insulation is desirable. Insulation data is available on request.  B6353 is Flame Retardant and standard in 250cm wide in grey and white.


Architectural Structures – With our manufacturing partner, Sioen, Lows of Dundee offer a selection of qualities for permanent and semi-permanent tensile structures.  A selection of base cloths from Type 0 all the way through to Type 5 can be coated.  A selection of 3 different lacquers is also available, which determines the level of warranty that can be given.  A selection of this range is available as standard in white.  Other qualities are subject to a production order of 1,000m.  We can also produce Architectural qualities in some colours, should your project require it.

B8115 & B8118 – For projects that want to look a little different, these two qualities incorporate embossing on the PVC to give a different aspect to the normal gloss materials.  B8115 is 850gsm and block out with a linen finish embossing to the face.  B8118 is similar, but with a distinctive cuboid embossing.  Both qualities are standard in a small colour range on 300cm wide rolls.

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Keder - Lows of Dundee carry a range of standard sized keders that are used in the marquee and structure, awning and print industries.  With our manufacturing partner, for a minimum of 1,200m, we can supply keder using one of our standard cloths to your size requirement.  Please contact us to discuss this service.

Customer Specified Product - With our manufacturing partner, Sioen, Lows of Dundee are able to supply product made to your specification, for a minimum production run of 1,000m.  Colour matching to a sample, RAL or Pantone number can be done with colour samples available for approval prior to full manufacture.  We offer a choice of standard base cloth constructions and can FR, UV, AB, IRR and block out as options.  Also the option of duo colour is available.  Please contact us with your requirements.

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