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  • History | Lows of Dundee

    History The Low family connection in the textile trade started in 1913 when brothers William and Peter Low co-founded Low Brothers. Starting from a humble beginning in a small Commercial Street office and then moving to Ellon Street Works as jute, sack and bag manufacturers. In 1919 the company moved to Wallace Works, Hilltown, Dundee and expanded their production of sacks and bags. Unfortunately there was a crushing blow in 1921 when Wallace Works went up in flames and only the offices remained of the whole building. The cost of the fire reached £100,000 — a considerable amount of money in those days. After the fire the company continued to trade specialising in jute and union interlining for the clothing trade and after the War branched out into merchanting jute goods for needle felt and carpet backing. In 1959 Low Brothers & Co Ltd became a member of Don Bros Buist Group and expanded rapidly into polypropylene production mainly for the carpet industry through their subsidiary Don & Low PLC. The Don Bros Buist Group sold the company in 1986 to Shell UK Ltd. At this time Mr Murray Low, son of the co-founder William Low, decided to leave the company and with his wife Rosalind formed their merchanting company, specialising in marketing PVC coated fabrics, industrial textiles and products for the Horticultural and Agricultural markets. This company is now one of the UK's leading distribution companies in the Coated Fabrics market and Horticultural fields. The family tradition continues with 3 daughters — Suzanne, Victoria and Rosemary working with their parents in the Company. Ellon Street Office Scene After Fire

  • Lows of Dundee Ltd | Products | Industrial Textiles | Coated Fabrics

    Transport & General Covers T P U Customer Specific Product Marquees & Structures Cyclowtex Mesh & Netting Marine, Sport & Leisure PVC FREE Products Offers and End of Line Industrial Agricultural & Biogas Spotlight / New Products

  • Company | Lows of Dundee

    About Us History Sioen MTO

  • Customer Specified Product | Lows of Dundee | PVC | Industrial Textiles

    Customer Specified Product With our manufacturing partner, Sioen, Lows of Dundee have developed a reputation for supplying PVC products made to customer specifications . With a range of base cloth constructions available, from 280 Dtex up to 2200 Dtex, we have supplied product from 280gsm all the way up to 1,700gsm. With options for Flame Retardancy, UV and AB additives, blockout tie coates, IRR colours and duo colour products, we have worked with many customers to produce the material they need for their product. Colour matching is also a popular option. Give us a sample of something of the correct colour, a pantone number or RAL number, and we can create a colour sample for your approval before manufacture. The minimum production run for a special colour is only 1,000m.

  • CYCLOWTEX | Lows of Dundee

    CYCLOWTEX is a new product launched by Lows of Dundee in 2023. ​ More and more, we are being asked by customer to supply a product that has less of an environmental impact than PVC, and now we have it. ​ CYCLOWTEX is a newly designed fabric which can offer a sustainable alternative to PVC. ​ CYCLOWTEX is an Olefin based product which does not derive from chlorine, nor does it require the addition of chemicals like plasticisers to make it flexible, thus reducing the environmental impact in comparison. ​ CYCLOWTEX is a fully recyclable product, so a real “end of life solution” can be offered, be this for your off-cuts from your production, or the product you have supplied to your customer. ​ The first product launched in the CYCLOWTEX range is CYCLOWTEX350. This product is 350gsm, but has similar mechanical properties to a 600gsm general tarpaulin PVC material, showing a superior strength to weight ratio. ​ CYCLOWTEX350 is now available in 4 colours in 150cm and 300cm wide.

  • Mesh & Netting | Lows of Dundee | Industrial Textiles | Coated Fabrics

    Mesh & Netting TR196 is a monofilament HDPE netting and is a budget net used in the transport and waste industries. It is stocked in 300cm and 366cm wide x 50m rolls. The netting is supplied folded on the rolls for easier handling and storage. N108 is our most popular PVC dipped mesh. Stocked in 6 colours in 200cm wide and 3 colours in 250cm wide, N108 is used for skip covers, debris net and screening. M4040 is a 370gsm PVC dipped mesh with a higher tensile strength due to the 2200dtex PES yarn. Stocked as standard in blue, green and black in 200cm wide, we have also introduced this quality in 300cm wide in blue. M5509 is a popular product for agricultural, industrial and marine applications. It is standard in 8 colours in 210cm wide, with some colours also available in 320cm wide. This product is European and is a more regular construction than some of the more economical products. LOD700 – New in 2020, LOD700 is a heavy duty debris mesh. This style of product has become popular in the UK for skip and waste container covers where a higher strength, more rugged material is required. LOD700 is being stocked as standard in blue and black on 240cm x 50m rolls. M9919 – Heavy weight PVC dipped Mesh, M9919 is 800gsm. This quality is standard in black and white on 200cm x 50m rolls . Poolguard – This product is primarily used as winter debris net for outdoor swimming pools. The 175gsm netting is constructed using PE yarns and is available in green/black. The rolls are 188cm wide x 150m long as standard and are finished with a tuck in selvedge at the edges.

  • About Us | Lows of Dundee | Industrial Textiles | Coated Fabrics

    About Us Lows of Dundee Limited Lows of Dundee Ltd is a family run business operating from its office headquarters in Dundee, Scotland. The business operation is divided into two separate divisions – Horticulture and Coated Fabrics. Still privately owned, Lows is a company which is rightly proud of its reputation for both service and quality which enabled the company to gain accreditation to ISO9001.

  • Lows of Dundee Ltd | Industrial Textiles | Coated Fabrics | UK Wide Distribution | Sidecurtains

    Product Spotlight Special Offers Anchor 1 Shade Net - Get Organised for Spring Follow our link below to the dedicated Horticultural, Homeware and Seasonal Collections web site.​ Horticulture & Homeware Web Site Lows of Dundee Ltd are one of the largest distributors of industrial textiles in the UK. As a family owned company, we pride ourselves on our customer service and our reputation in the industry. The company is made up of two divisions, Coated Fabrics and Industrial Textiles and Horticulture, Homeware and Seasonal products. The Coated Fabrics and Industrial Textiles Division carry large stocks in our Blackburn warehouse for immediate dispatch. Our products include PVC, Polyethylene materials as well as a small range of accessories used in the Industrial Textiles trade. Our office based staff are ready to take your calls and, if you prefer, we can arrange for a local representative to call and discuss your requirements or project in more detail. Services Large Stocks for same day dispatch. Wide variety of products available. Production of customer specified products. Visits to discuss requirements and projects. Samples available, Certificates of Conformity available on request. FR Certification available (on some products)​ .

  • Lows of Dundee | Industrial Applications | Industrial Textiles

    PVC Free Products Tape Fabric Expert – 200gsm LDPE coated HDPE tapes. Tape Fabric Expert is standard in 205cm x 100m rolls in 6 colour options. With 300KLY of UV protection, this general purpose material is widely used for industrial, agricultural and leisure applications. CYCLOWTEX 350 is a new product launched in 2023. This is a new environmentally friendly alternative to PVC that can be used for general covers and tarpaulins by sewing or heat welding. CYCLOWTEX 350 will be available in 4 colours in 150cm and 300cm wide rolls. PE8 / PE10 / PE12 – Lows of Dundee carry a selection of woven coated polyethylene products. They are lightweight and waterproof and range from 100gsm up to 145gsm. These products are used for packaging bags and case liners as well as for making covers for shorter term, budget applications. The translucent version is popular for making patterns for covers. Shade Net 320 is a 320gsm knitted HDPE monofilament tape fabric. It is available in 300cm x 25m rolls in a range of 6 colours. Offering a shade factor of 80-90%, depending on colour, this product contains 300 KLY of UV protection. Shade Net 320 can be used for sun sails, shade screens, fence screens and windbreaks. Horti Film Expert is a 220gsm LDPE coated HDPE Leno weave. This transparent product is available in 300cm wide by 50m long rolls. With 300 KLY of UV protection, Horti Film is used for general covers and sheeting as well as green houses and stall covers. S2100 – 480gsm silicone coated glass fabric, S2100 is flame retardant to M0. Available in 295cm wide x 50m rolls in grey as standard, this quality is used for welding screens and other applications where a high level of fire retardancy is required. TR196 Transport Netting - 196gsm Monofilament HDPE transport debris netting, mainly used for skip and debris nets. Stocked in 300cm and 366cm wide, 50m long rolls in green/black. Poolguard – This product is primarily used as winter debris net for outdoor swimming pools. The 175gsm netting is constructed using PE yarns and is available in green/black. The rolls are 188cm wide x 150m long as standard and are finished with a tuck in selvedge at the edges. Rip Stop Poly/Cotton, RW - This is a Rip stop blended polyester/cotton, widely used for general tarpaulins and covers. It is stocked in 183cm wide rolls in blue, green and red as standard. It is supplied with rot and water resistant treatments.

  • Marquee & Structure | Lows of Dundee | Industrial Textiles | Coated Fabrics

    Marquee & Structure PE600/FR/L (B7189) – This 600gsm flame retardant PVC is our traditional marquee walling quality. It is a standard in white in both 250cm and 320cm wide rolls. PE650/FR/L (B8103) – This is our traditional marquee roofing and walling quality. It is slightly heavier at 650gsm and also stronger. B8103 is available as standard in a good colour range in 250cm wide, with white also being stocked as standard in 300cm. B8103 and B7189 can be both produced to your own colour for a production run order of 1,000m Window PVC – At Lows of Dundee, we carry stock of 3 grades of flexible clear window PVC, 0.25mm, 0.5mm and 0.75mm. All are stocked on 137cm wide rolls as standard. Clear PVC is used in many applications including marquee and tent window, marine cover windows, industrial screening and covers. PE680/FR/L Silver/Black – This quality is widely used for event stages. 680gsm and duo colour, the matt black PVC as the back drop for the performer, this quality has been seen all over the world. We can also supply keder for your stage structure in black or silver to blend in with the PVC B7170 – This is a specialist flame retardant quality. It is especially produced to have a 40% light transmission, making it ideal for garden centre and nursery tunnels and canopies. It has also been used as a panel in the roof of temporary structures to allow more natural light to enter. B6134 – This “Type 2” style 900gsm PVC is flame retardant for structures. It is available as standard in a range of colours and is used for temporary industrial buildings as well as structures where there are tighter budget constraints. If FR is not required, we also have our PW900 (B6000) range with a greater choice of standard colours. B6353 Foam is a T2 style PES base cloth, coated with PVC one side and PVC foam on the other. It is used for structures and screens where an element of acoustic and/or thermal insulation is desirable. Insulation data is available on request. B6353 is Flame Retardant and standard in 250cm wide in grey and white. Architectural Structures – With our manufacturing partner, Sioen, Lows of Dundee offer a selection of qualities for permanent and semi-permanent tensile structures. A selection of base cloths from Type 0 all the way through to Type 5 can be coated. A selection of 3 different lacquers is also available, which determines the level of warranty that can be given. A selection of this range is available as standard in white. Other qualities are subject to a production order of 1,000m. We can also produce Architectural qualities in some colours, should your project require it. B8115 & B8118 – For projects that want to look a little different, these two qualities incorporate embossing on the PVC to give a different aspect to the normal gloss materials. B8115 is 850gsm and block out with a linen finish embossing to the face. B8118 is similar, but with a distinctive cuboid embossing. Both qualities are standard in a small colour range on 300cm wide rolls. Keder - Lows of Dundee carry a range of standard sized keders that are used in the marquee and structure, awning and print industries. With our manufacturing partner, for a minimum of 1,200m, we can supply keder using one of our standard cloths to your size requirement. Please contact us to discuss this service. TPU2003SH is Primarily used for inflatable buoyancy tubes for life rafts and inflatable support frames for structures, TPU2003SH is available in black as standard. Customer Specified Product - With our manufacturing partner, Sioen, Lows of Dundee are able to supply product made to your specification, for a minimum production run of 1,000m. Colour matching to a sample, RAL or Pantone number can be done with colour samples available for approval prior to full manufacture. We offer a choice of standard base cloth constructions and can FR, UV, AB, IRR and block out as options. Also the option of duo colour is available. Please contact us with your requirements.

  • Marine, Sports & Leisure | Lows of Dundee | Industrial Textiles

    Marine, Sports & Leisure Erez TPU1001P is a 273gsm, single side coated TPU on nylon. Primarily used for inflatable life jacket bladders, TPU1001P is also used for lightweight inflatable structure tubes and inflatable cushions. TPU2036 is a 960gsm TPU coated polyester used for inflatable boat and oil boom production. TPU2036 is produced for Lows of Dundee by Erez Thermoplastics. Y977(D2350) – 350gsm PVC Coated polyester, Y977 has been very popular for many years as a dinghy cover material as it is lightweight and folds vary small when not in use. Available in blue and grey as standard. S2795 & 450(B7421) - These qualities are primarily used for gym mat covering. They are both single side coated products to help keep the weight and cost down. S2795 has an anti-slip embossing for the underside of the mat while 450(B7421) has a matt embossing. Both of these qualities are standard in popular gym matt colours. G7000 is a 550gsm PVC quality used for sports mats. This quality is Phthalate free, a feature which is being requested for some environments. Other Phthalate free qualities are also available, so please contact us for further information C7456 is a 450gsm PVC with a linen embossing and a lacquered finish. The linen embossing gives more of a textured look while the addition of the lacquer gives additional UV protection and some dirt repellence. This quality is used both for marine covers and mud walling on awnings. PEL460/UVS – This 460gsm laminated quality has additional UV additive for greater protection. Available in blue and grey as standard, this quality is used for dinghy covers and other similar cover applications. Print & Advertising - Lows of Dundee offer a range of products for digital printing. This includes front lit, back lit and block out qualities. Print qualities have been used for branding on structures, digitally printed truck sides, advertising banners and building wraps. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement. Swimming Pool - Lows of Dundee are supplying a range of products used in the pool industry. B7119 & B7124 are used an PVC pool covers, as is our Poolguard winter debris net. B7124 is a duo colour product and is certified to NFP 90-308 Pitch Covers - Some of our products have been used for sports pitch covers. 366cm PE12/145 and our translucent PVC qualities, WI350/FR and WI530/FR amongst them. Please call us to discuss your project and we will be happy to discuss products which may be of interest. PE8 / PE10 / PE14 – Lows of Dundee carry a selection of woven coated polyethylene products. They are lightweight and waterproof and range from 100gsm up to 180gsm. These products are used for packaging bags and case liners as well as for making covers for shorter term, budget applications. The translucent version is popular for making patterns for covers.

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