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Customer Specified Product

With our manufacturing partner, Sioen, Lows of Dundee have developed a reputation for supplying PVC products made to customer specifications.  With a range of base cloth constructions available, from 280 Dtex up to 2200 Dtex, we have supplied product from 280gsm all the way up to 1,700gsm.  With options for Flame Retardancy, UV and AB additives, blockout tie coates, IRR colours and duo colour products, we have worked with many customers to produce the material they need for their product.

Colour Matching PVC, PVC Shade Chart, PVC Special Colour Production
Bespoke PVC Manufacture, PVC produced to your specification, made to order, custom made

Colour matching is also a popular option.  Give us a sample of something of the correct colour, a pantone number or RAL number, and we can create a colour sample for your approval before manufacture.  The minimum production run for a special colour is only 1,000m.

PVC Circus Tent, PVC Festival Tents, PVC Main Stage
pvc military structure, irr pvc structure, military pvc temporary building
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