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PVC work tent, pvc shelter, shelter tent for workmen

WI530/FR & WI350/FRBoth of these products are translucent PVC qualities and are flame retardant.  Initially introduced for applications such as warehouse dividers, these products are now used for other applications including small work tents and screens.

PW900/B6134900gsm flame retardant quality, as well as being used for temporary industrial warehouse and sports hall manufacture, this quality is also used for high speed doors and other applications where a heavier flame retardant quality is beneficial.

PVC Industrial Doors, PVC Sports hall doors, pvc warehouse doors
Anti Static PVC, pvc flexible ducting, pvc ventilation tube

B7675 A/SThis 630gsm Anti-Static PVC is commonly used for flexible ducting and ventilation tubing where anti-static is required.  B7675 is a standard product in black, but for production run quantities we can also supply a flame retardant version.  Also for flexible ducting, we can offer our D2281 quality, which is 280gsm and flame retardant to M1.

B6353 Foam is a T2 style PES base cloth, coated with PVC one side and PVC foam on the other.  It is used for structures and screens where an element of acoustic and/or thermal insulation is desirable. Insulation data is available on request.  B6353 is Flame Retardant and standard in 250cm wide in grey and white.

Foam backed pvc, accoustic insulation pvc foam, thermal insulation pvc foam
PVC Machine Covers, PVC machine tool covers, pvc tractor blade covers

B6756 is a 1400g Matt PVC Coated Polyester with Lacquer both sides. A heavy weight PVC produced in Europe and mainly used for machine tool covers where a higher strength cover is required.

S2100480gsm silicone coated glass fabric, S2100 is flame retardant to M0. Available in 295cm wide x 50m rolls in grey as standard, this quality is used for welding screens and other applications where a high level of fire retardancy is required.

silicone coated glass fabric welding screen
PVC Flexitank, pvc water tanks, non toxic pvc water tank, potable water tank pvc

Flexitank – Lows of Dundee offer a range of products that are used for Flexitanks. PW1100 (B6300) is our most popular non-toxic water tank quality and is available in beige.  Also available for water containment are B6303 in dark grey, and B6306, which incorporates low wick yarns.  B6061 is an agricultural product and can be used in the storage of manure and liquid fertiliser.

TPU - TANK.jpg
pvc liner, pvc geomembrane, pvc pool liner

E1510 is a modified PVC which gives a superior chemical resistance.  It is used for geomembrane  projects, mainly as a secondary containment liner.  Available in black as standard on 250cm x 200m rolls.  Chemical resistance data is available on request.

PE8 / PE10 / PE14 – Lows of Dundee carry a selection of woven coated polyethylene products.  They are lightweight and waterproof and range from 100gsm up to 180gsm.  These products are used for packaging bags and case liners as well as for making covers for shorter term, budget applications. The  translucent version is popular for making pattens for covers.

polyethylene, waterproof tarpaulin, packaging, polyethylene bags, case liners, translucent pattern cloth
HDPE outdoor covers, packaging material, industrial covers, agricultural covers, barn curtains, temporary structures

TAPE FABRIC PE & HDPE – Strong & durable, high strength, waterproof material.  They range from 140gsm up to 420gsm.  These products are used for temporary outdoor covers, packaging, 260g industrial and agricultural covers, 320g barn curtains, horticultural structures and the 420FR is mainly used in the construction of semi permanent structures and warehouses.

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