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PVC Free Products

Environmentally friendly recyclable alternative to pvc




Tape Fabric Expert200gsm LDPE coated HDPE tapes.  Tape Fabric Expert is standard in 205cm x 100m rolls in 6 colour options.  With 300KLY of UV protection, this general purpose material is widely used for industrial, agricultural and leisure applications.




CYCLOWTEX350 is a new product  launched in 2023.  This is a new environmentally friendly alternative to PVC that can be used for general covers and tarpaulins by sewing or heat welding.  CYCLOWTEX350 will be available in 4 colours in 150cm and 300cm wide rolls.

HDPE outdoor covers, packaging material, industrial covers, agricultural covers, barn curtains, temporary structures
polyethylene, waterproof tarpaulin, packaging, polyethylene bags, case liners, translucent pattern cloth

PE8 / PE10 / PE12 – Lows of Dundee carry a selection of woven coated polyethylene products.  They are lightweight and waterproof and range from 100gsm up to 145gsm.  These products are used for packaging bags and case liners as well as for making covers for shorter term, budget applications. The  translucent version is popular for making patterns for covers.

Shade Net 320 is a 320gsm knitted HDPE monofilament tape fabric.  It is available in 300cm x 25m rolls in a range of 6 colours.  Offering a shade factor of 80-90%, depending on colour, this product contains 300 KLY of UV protection. Shade Net 320 can be used for sun sails, shade screens, fence screens and windbreaks.

shade net, sun sails net, sun sails mesh, shade screens, fence screens, windbreak
Horti Film General Covers, horti film sheeting, horti film green house, horti film stall covers




Horti Film Expert is a 220gsm LDPE coated HDPE Leno weave.  This transparent product is available in 300cm wide by 50m long rolls.  With 300 KLY of UV protection, Horti Film is used for general covers and sheeting as well as green houses and stall covers.




S2100480gsm silicone coated glass fabric, S2100 is flame retardant to M0. Available in 295cm wide x 50m rolls in grey as standard, this quality is used for welding screens and other applications where a high level of fire retardancy is required.

silicone coated glass fabric welding screen
Transport Net, transport mesh, skip net, skip netting




TR196 Transport Netting - 196gsm Monofilament HDPE transport debris netting, mainly used for skip and debris nets.  Stocked in 300cm and 366cm wide, 50m long rolls in green/black.



PoolguardThis product is primarily used as winter debris net for outdoor swimming pools. The 175gsm netting is constructed using PE yarns and is available in green/black.  The rolls are 188cm wide x 150m long as standard and are finished with a tuck in selvedge at the edges.

outdoor swimming pool winter debris net cover, swimming pool winter cover
Rip Stop Polycotton, rip stop poly-cotton, rip stop poly/cotton, rip stop tarpaulin, rip stop covers

Rip Stop Poly/Cotton, RW  - This is a Rip stop blended polyester/cotton, widely used for general tarpaulins and covers. It is stocked in 183cm wide rolls in blue, green and red as standard.  It is supplied with rot and water resistant treatments.

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