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Marine, Sports & Leisure

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PVC Boat Cover, Dinghy Cover, waterproof cover

Y977(D2350)350gsm PVC Coated polyester, Y977 has been very popular for many years as a dinghy cover material as it is lightweight and folds vary small when not in use.  Available in blue and grey as standard.



S2795 & 450(B7421) - These qualities are primarily used for gym mat covering.  They are both single side coated products to help keep the weight and cost down.  S2795 has an anti-slip embossing for the underside of the mat while 450(B7421) has a matt embossing.  Both of these qualities are standard in popular gym matt colours.

Gym Mat Covering, PVC Gym Mat, Non Slip Gym Mat Cover
Sports Mat PVC Covers, Sports Mat, Phthalate Free Sports Mat

G7000 is a 550gsm PVC quality used for sports mats.  This quality is Phthalate free, a feature which is being requested for some environments.  Other Phthalate free qualities are also available, so please contact us for further information

C7456 is a 450gsm PVC with a linen embossing and a lacquered finish.  The linen embossing gives more of a textured look while the addition of the lacquer gives additional UV protection and some dirt repellence.  This quality is used both for marine covers and mud walling on awnings.

PVC Mud Walling, Camping PVC Mud Walling, PVC Marine Cover
PVC Boat Cover, PVC Dinghy Covers, UV Stabilised PVC Cover

PEL460/UVS This 460gsm laminated quality has additional UV additive for greater protection.  Available in blue and grey as standard, this quality is used for dinghy covers and other similar cover applications.

Print & Advertising - Lows of Dundee offer a range of products for digital printing.  This includes front lit, back lit and block out qualities.  Print qualities have been used for branding on structures, digitally printed truck sides, advertising banners and building wraps.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirement.

PVC Digital Banner, PVC Print Quality, PVC Printable Banner
PVC Pool Covers, Swimming Pool PVC Cover, Swimming Pool Protection Net, Pool Net Debris Cover

Swimming Pool - Lows of Dundee are supplying a range of products used in the pool industry.  B7119 & B7124 are used an PVC pool covers, as is our Poolguard winter debris net.

B7124 is a duo colour product and is certified to NFP 90-308


Pitch Covers - Some of our products have been used for sports pitch covers. 366cm PE12/145 and our translucent PVC qualities, WI350/FR and WI530/FR amongst them.  Please call us to discuss your project and we will be happy to discuss products which may be of interest.

PVC Sports Pitch Covers, PVC Cricket Pitch Cover, PVC Stadium Pitch Cover
Polyethylene, waterproof cover, polyethylene packaging, translucent polyethylene pattern material

PE8 / PE10 / PE14 – Lows of Dundee carry a selection of woven coated polyethylene products.  They are lightweight and waterproof and range from 100gsm up to 180gsm.  These products are used for packaging bags and case liners as well as for making covers for shorter term, budget applications.  The  translucent version is popular for making patterns for covers.


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