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Cyclowtex Trade Marked Name for Lows of Dundee

CYCLOWTEX is a new product  launched by Lows of Dundee in 2023. 

More and more, we are being asked by customer  to supply a product that has less of an environmental impact than PVC, and now we have it.

CYCLOWTEX is a newly designed fabric which can offer a sustainable alternative to PVC.

CYCLOWTEX is an Olefin based product which does not derive from chlorine, nor does it require the addition of chemicals like plasticisers to make it flexible, thus reducing the environmental impact in comparison.

CYCLOWTEX is a fully recyclable product, so a real “end of life solution” can be offered, be this for your off-cuts from your production, or the product you have supplied to your customer.

The first product launched in the CYCLOWTEX range is CYCLOWTEX350.  This product is 350gsm, but has similar mechanical properties to a 600gsm general tarpaulin PVC material, showing a superior strength to weight ratio.

CYCLOWTEX350 is now available in 4 colours in 150cm and 300cm wide.

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